Power Adjustable Bases & Foundations

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 Power Adjustable Bases & Foundations

Power Bases allow you to raise and lower the top and bottom of your bed to various levels. You can create the exact position for your most comfortable sleep without spending 15 minutes arranging a pile of pillows.

Here’s several reasons you may want to start shopping for an adjustable bed right now.

Reduce Back Pain: Lifting the top part of your bed by 45 degrees limits the compression of your lower back. Similarly, lifting the bottom part of the base can reduce the stress in the middle of your spine. You can adjust the height of the mattress until your back pain disappears.

Breathe Easier: A lot of people with sleep apnea or other breathing issues are recommended by doctors to sleep with their head elevated. Instead of stacking pillows while the rest of your body remains flat, let the adjustable bed do the work! Elevate the head of your bed easily and sleep comfortably while opening your airway. Even if you don’t need regular help with a breathing issue, an adjustable bed will come in handy if you are suffering from a cold or allergies.

Enjoy Versatile Comfort: If you’re a picky sleeper an adjustable base may help you fall asleep more easily. Choose your ideal position each night!

Easier To Get Out of Bed: If you struggle getting into a seated position or struggle getting out of bed an adjustable bed will help big time. Simply adjust the head of the bed into a seated position, rotate your legs to the side until your feet touch the floor. Much easier than trying to pull yourself up using the headboard or nightstand.

Improve Digestion/Heartburn: Sleeping at a slight angle will help reduce acid reflux and help your digestive tract run smoothly.

Better circulation: If you suffer from poor circulation an adjustable bed could be an easy fix. Simply raising the bottom half of your adjustable bed will send blood back to your heart and improve overall circulation.

  Adjust the head and/or foot of the mattress so you can find your optimal position for sleep, work, or relaxation in bed. In addition, you can add bonus features such as Massage, USB Ports, LED Lights, Zero Gravity,  Memory Positions, and More!

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