Therapedic Innergy2 Double Pillow Top


Double the Comfort – Double the Support – Double the Durability
The Mattress You Can Flip!

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As technology advances and trends change so does the mattress industry. While on your mattress shopping journey you will find that most mattresses are now Turn-Free meaning you don’t need to flip it over. For those seeking more of a classic option yet with newer advanced technology look no further. Our Innergy2 mattresses collection features all 2-sided mattress that are built the way they used to be but better!

2-Sided, Flip-able, Reversible anyway you toss it you have a mattress with extended comfort!

For the sleeper seeking the ability to flip their mattress, you’ve come to the right place. Innergy2 offers you an exceptional offering that you will enjoy for many years. Who knows you might even start doing some flips!

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