Thermobalance Haven BT Plush

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Thermobalance® Cover – The cool-to-the-touch cover promotes moisture wicking and improves airflow resulting in a drier and heat reducing sleep environment.

Cooling Premium Layers – Each foam and latex layer is designed to provide lasting comfort and support while promoting air flow and cooling benefits.

Zoned Reinforced Coils – The center third of the wrapped coil unit is reinforced with a heavier gauge for added support and durability.

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Introducing the Thermobalance Haven Mattress – where comfort meets innovation! Experience rejuvenating sleep with this cutting-edge mattress designed to enhance well-being.

The Thermobalance Haven Mattress provides optimal support, aligning your body for deep, uninterrupted slumber.

Its plush yet supportive top layer reduces pressure points, ensuring maximum comfort.

Advanced cooling technology keeps you cool throughout the night, while intelligent temperature regulation helps maintain an optimal sleep climate.

Crafted from eco-friendly materials and built to last, this mattress is a sustainable choice.

With motion transfer absorption, enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Elevate your sleep experience with the Thermobalance Haven Mattress.